The Ultimate Guide To Building Approvals

20 October 2023
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Building approvals are an essential part of the construction process, ensuring that all buildings and structures comply with building codes and regulations. Getting approval from your local authority can seem like a daunting process, but it's a necessary step to ensure the safety of your building and the people who use it. This blog post guides you through the process of building approvals and provides you with everything you need to know to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Read More 

Why Should You Use Plasterboard for Your Next Improvement Project?

18 January 2023
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Plasterboard is an incredibly popular building material due to its immense fire resistance and durability. It's made from a combination of gypsum, an inert mineral, and cellulose fibres. This combination creates an incredibly strong material that is also highly resistant to fire and heat. So, what else do you need to know if you're thinking about plasterboard for your next project? Why Plasterboard Is so Popular Gypsum has been used in construction for centuries, and plasterboard is a modern adaptation of this traditional building material. Read More 

Two reasons why brick retaining walls are superior to wooden ones

19 April 2022
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Whilst wooden retaining walls can be the right choice for some properties, brick retaining walls are usually the superior choice. Here are two reasons why. They have greater longevity than wooden retaining walls Perhaps the most significant reason why so many property owners have their contractors build brick retaining walls rather than wooden ones is that the former's lifespan is almost always longer than the latter's lifespan. The reason for this is that whilst there are very few things that can destroy a brick wall, there are many that can cause the deterioration of a wooden one. Read More 

5 Contractor’s Tips on How to Save on Your Building Supplies

19 March 2021
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The rising cost of construction materials requires contractors to develop smart cost-cutting strategies. Optimising your building supplies is an excellent way to achieve this. It enables you to save on costs without compromising the initial plan. Here are five incredible ways of saving on your building supplies.  1. Take Advantage of Seasonal Offers  The demand for materials varies seasonally. For instance, insulation materials tend to be in high demand at the onset of winter. Read More 

Expanding Your Loft? Why a Set of Spiral Stairs Could Work Perfectly

28 September 2020
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If you've been struggling with the amount of room left in your house and have a growing family, you will likely think of your expansion options. As such, you may have decided to make use of the room above you and want to convert your attic into some usable space. In this case, you'll want to be as practical as possible and will need to replace the fold-down stairs with something more permanent. Read More