How Smart Design Can Make Any Bathroom Feel More Spacious

9 September 2016
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Bathrooms are where most people start their days. It's where they summon up the strength to battle crowds of commuters and plan the day ahead. That's why it's vital to make any bathroom as welcoming and relaxing as possible.

Spacious, well-lit bathrooms are ideal in this regard. With more space available, occupants can stretch out as they dry off after a shower, hang their clothes up on a heated rail and bask in the sunlight as it streams through the window. The trouble is, not everyone has vast amounts of room to spare to create the ideal bathroom.

With that in mind, here are some easy ways for people who aren't lucky enough to have a spacious property to make their bathrooms look and feel less claustrophobic.

Choose a Light Colour Scheme

Colour has a huge effect on the human mind. In smaller spaces, darker blues or reds create the feeling of enclosure. The walls can seem like they are pushing inward, making small bathrooms seem absolutely tiny, but this can be easily avoided by choosing light pastel shades or pure white colours for bathroom walls. If white walls seem too plain, they can be combined with green-stemmed houseplants for an elegant, attractive result.

Contrast Light Floors with Darker Walls

Having said that plain white walls work well, there is another strategy to consider. Try painting walls a slightly darker tone. Then complement the walls with light tiling for the bathroom floor and try to stick to a pure, minimalist tile arrangement with large tiles. That way, you can create an optical illusion that maximises the impression of space.

Forget About Cupboards Above Waist Height

The way bathroom essentials are stored can also affect how spacious a room feels. When adding cupboards, try to keep them below eye level and preferably below waist level. Chest-high shelving or cupboards bolted onto the wall are always in your field of vision and feel confining. You can still have the same storage capacity down below, but if you can't always see it, it won't feel so prominent.

Use Clear Glass or Plastic Shower Screens

Another major problem afflicting smaller bathrooms is the use of coloured or frosted shower doors. These doors obstruct natural light from windows and stop artificial light spreading across the entire room, making bathrooms feel much more confined. That's why installing glass shower screens is a great idea.

By using clear glass screens, you can make the most of even very small bathroom spaces. You can even accentuate the effect by using frameless screens that are fixed to the cubicle by metal hinges. These clear glass surfaces have another bonus - it's very easy to detect soap stains or dust, making them extremely easy to clean.

With smart design, smaller bathrooms don't need to feel confined and unwelcoming. By installing glass shower doors, choosing the right colour scheme and installing storage options cleverly, any bathroom can feel much larger, allowing the occupants to kick off their days in a more relaxing way.