Choosing a block in a land sub-division

13 September 2016
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It can be hard to choose between all the available blocks in a new land sub-division, especially if there are not many houses built yet, making it hard to visualise how the suburb will eventually look. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind which can help you to choose your block. 

Access to public spaces and facilities

If you look at the plans for the sub-division, you might be able to see planned public spaces such as parks and shopping centres. Many people will pay a premium in years to come to live near these facilities so choosing a block with a park outlook is a good plan. It can also be good to look at where the planned schools are in the area as many families enjoy living within an easy walk or bike ride of the local school. These will usually be marked in the overall sub-division plans. This can increase the value of your home in years to come.  

Nearby builders logos or boards

If some of the blocks already have builders marked on their block, it can be a good idea to research the builders that people have chosen in different areas. It can be very convenient to chose an area where other people are using the same builder as you so that your contractors and tradespeople can be scheduled to work on each home concurrently. This can make it easier for the builder to get all of the homes built quickly as subcontractors will enjoy getting a solid flow of work in the area. This can help you get into your house sooner and stop paying rent and a mortgage while the home is being built. 

Check out the neighbours

It can also be a good idea to check out the names of people or organisations that have bought nearby blocks. In some land sub-divisions a percentage of the blocks are reserved for public housing. You might prefer to live near to other owner-occupiers or like the vibrancy of living near public housing. Knowing the neighbours can help you to make a decision that suits your life. 

Selecting a block where you will build a home is a huge decision. Choosing a block in the right location can help you have the lifestyle you love, maximise the value of your block and eventual home and make sure that your house is built as quickly as possible.