How to Choose the Ideal Installation Location for a Split System’s Outdoor Unit

4 October 2016
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Split unit air conditioners consist of an indoor unit that conditions the air and an outdoor unit that dispels heat from the system. To get the best value and ensure optimal performance of split systems, you will be required to choose the ideal installation location for the indoor and outdoor unit. Selecting a location for the outdoor unit can be challenging due to exposure to the elements. Learn some factors that you should consider when choosing the location of your split system's outdoor unit. Read More 

What Building Inspection Services Do I Need Before a Home Flip?

20 September 2016
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One of the ways that many real estate developers and small contractors are using to make ends meet during slow months is home flipping. The concept is to find a home that is being sold at a very low price, remodel the home, and resell it for the higher value. Profits on these home sells can be substantial depending on the neighborhood and what upgrades have been done to the home. Read More 

Five Tips to Protect Your Solid Timber Door From Your Dog’s Scratches

15 September 2016
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You love your solid timber doors, and your dog is one of your best friends, but unfortunately, the two of them don't get along too well. Worried that your dog is going to scratch or damage your timber doors? Here are some ways to avoid that: 1. Look for a dog shield. There are special dog shields made to protect solid timber doors. These shields feature a piece of plastic that adheres to your door, and when the dog scratches the door, his nails go into the door shield rather than the door itself. Read More 

How to Improve the Security of Your Garage Shed

14 September 2016
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A garage shed can provide many benefits, such as a place to store your tools and garden maintenance equipment or a workspace for you to carry out repair work. However, it could also provide an opportunity for thieves to steal items which are valuable or important to you. Below is a guide to how you can improve the security of your shed garage by carrying out some simple modifications. Installing New Locks on Your Garage Shed Read More 

Choosing a block in a land sub-division

13 September 2016
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It can be hard to choose between all the available blocks in a new land sub-division, especially if there are not many houses built yet, making it hard to visualise how the suburb will eventually look.  Here are a few things to keep in mind which can help you to choose your block.  Access to public spaces and facilities If you look at the plans for the sub-division, you might be able to see planned public spaces such as parks and shopping centres. Read More