Five Signs You Should Move Your Skip

26 August 2016
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The spot where you place your skip is important, and you should choose it carefully. However, if you have already chosen a spot for your skip, you may want to monitor it for issues and move the skip if necessary. Here are a few signs it may be time to move your skip:

1. It's in the sun, and it smells.

Skip odours are common, but they can also be reduced and even eliminated with the right approach. If your skip produces a lot of odours, look into what may be affecting it. In particular, if it's sitting in a spot where it gets a lot of sun, the sun may be roasting the rubbish, causing bacteria to build up faster and smells to worsen. Prevent this issue by moving your skip into a shadier spot.

2. Rubbish builds up around the skip.

Are people always walking by your skip and tossing rubbish toward it? If so, litter may build up on the ground around your skip, and that can be an eyesore. To prevent this from happening, consider moving your skip to a more discreet area.

For example, if the skip is in the middle of your business parking lot, move it to one corner. If it's near a pedestrian walking path, move it to a parking lot that gets less foot traffic.

3. Skip dippers keep stealing your rubbish.

Skip dipping is growing in popularity around the world, and there are even websites that give people advice on how to skip dip successfully. If you don't want skip dippers in your rubbish, move your skip. In particular, if your skip is out in the open, place it inside a locked enclosure.

4. Customers, tenants or clients have complained about the skip.

If you have a skip for your business or your investment property, you may want to pay attention to what your clients and tenants say about it. Have clients complained that the skip is too noticeable, turning them off patronising your restaurant or shop? Have tenants said the skip is too far from the door, making it more difficult to throw away rubbish? Conversely, have tenants complained that the skip is too close to the door of the apartment block, creating unnecessary odours? If you have received complaints like those, it may be time to move the skip.

5. The skip is not stable.

Finally, think about safety. If the skip is on uneven ground, it also needs to be moved. Ideally, skips should always be placed on firm, level ground. If that's not available, talk with the skip company about other options.