How to Improve the Security of Your Garage Shed

14 September 2016
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A garage shed can provide many benefits, such as a place to store your tools and garden maintenance equipment or a workspace for you to carry out repair work. However, it could also provide an opportunity for thieves to steal items which are valuable or important to you. Below is a guide to how you can improve the security of your shed garage by carrying out some simple modifications.

Installing New Locks on Your Garage Shed

Many garage sheds are fitted with basic lock systems and may contain doors which connect to the rest of your property. If this is the case, you should consider having new locks installed on your garage shed to protect not only the tools and belongings but also your home. You should also consider extending the security alarm system within your home so it also covers your garage shed.

Covering the Windows of Your Garage Shed

While the windows on your garage shed help to provide light and ventilation when you are working inside, they may also provide a way for thieves to break into it. You should consider covering the windows using paper or sheets to prevent people seeing in. You could also install bars on the window to prevent entry if someone smashes them.

Install Security Lights Around Your Garage Shed

Security lights are a simple but important addition to your garage shed. Security lights that are linked to motion sensors which illuminate your garage shed and the surrounding area whenever someone approaches your garage shed. They can prove a great deterrent as a criminal will not want to approach a well-lit area in order to commit a crime.

Install CCTV to Cover Your Garage Shed

As technology advances, modern digital cameras linked to hard drives mean that anyone can set up a comprehensive CCTV system to protect their property. You should consider setting up CCTV around your home, which also covers your garage shed. This will allow you to carry out live monitoring of your yard and garage shed while also recording any activity. This will allow you to spot any intruders and could provide vital evidence to the police in the case of a break in.

If you would like further advice about the installation or modification of your garage shed, you should contact a professional garage shed contractor who will be able to assess your yard, offer advice and carry out any work which is necessary.