3 Top Reasons Why Your House Needs Vinyl Cladding

22 August 2017
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Vinyl is one of the building supplies that has recently started garnering attention from interior designers and construction contractors alike. Grossly underappreciated in years past, technological advancements have transformed vinyl into an attractive as well as highly functional building material for a myriad of applications. One of the on-trend vinyl applications is as cladding. Some homeowners may assume that they do not need siding for their property as long as it is painted, but this could not be further from the truth. The following are three of the top reasons why your house needs vinyl cladding.

Vinyl cladding is exceptionally durable

If you are in the process of whittling down your options when considering cladding materials, chances are you will be contemplating timber as your top choice. Timber may have an edge against the completion when it comes to being visually appealing, but it would need labour intensive maintenance for it to stay in good condition in the face of the changing weather elements. Moreover, wood will eventually start to decay due to moisture exposure, so it will have to be replaced down the line. Vinyl may not be as attractive as new timber, but it still adds some visual interest to your property. Additionally, vinyl is not at risk of structural damage as it is not a porous material. It is designed to last for decades with minimal cosmetic imperfections.

Vinyl cladding provides an insulation barrier

When homeowners consider the installation of cladding, their primary purpose is to enhance the kerb appeal of their home. Vinyl achieves this but also provides you with additional benefits. One such benefit is the increased insulation on your exterior walls. Since the vinyl cladding has an airtight seal, it inadvertently functions to reduce heat loss and gain in your home. This feature is especially convenient during the summer and the winter, making your home more energy efficient. You will also find that vinyl provides your home with a degree of sound insulation, which would be perfect for people living close to their neighbours.

Vinyl cladding comes in an array of designs

Another advantage of gravitating toward vinyl cladding for your home is the vast array of options available to you regarding colours and designs. No matter what the primary colour scheme of your home is, you can be assured you will find vinyl cladding to match it or complement it. Secondly, the different designs available make it easier for homeowners to decorate the exterior of their home as unique as they see fit.