Expanding Your Loft? Why a Set of Spiral Stairs Could Work Perfectly

28 September 2020
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If you've been struggling with the amount of room left in your house and have a growing family, you will likely think of your expansion options. As such, you may have decided to make use of the room above you and want to convert your attic into some usable space. In this case, you'll want to be as practical as possible and will need to replace the fold-down stairs with something more permanent. Perhaps you should think about a spiral staircase, as they could work perfectly here, but what are the other advantages of this solution?


You'll probably need to discount a traditional set of stairs, simply because of the space that they take up. You'd have to cut off a large part of the downstairs room simply to accommodate the design, and this would probably be counterproductive based on your original intent. In fact, you may not be able to add a conventional staircase at all, so this makes the spiral option your best bet.

Safe and Functional

Many people consider spiral stairs to be more functional and safer as well. Most of the components are built with safety in mind, with nonslip tread surfaces, sturdy handrails and other elements that make it a lot easier for youngsters and the elderly alike to tackle.

Hardy and Long-Lasting

Most consumers will choose a structure made from steel, as this will certainly be long-lasting and will typically look good in most environments. Nevertheless, you can customise the appearance to match your internal decor, if the rest of your property is less than contemporary.


With budget always in mind, you will be pleased to see how cost-effective a set of spiral stairs is. Many of them will come in pre-configured kit form, which could make them quite easy to install as well.

Stylish Yet Understated

There's a reason why spiral stairs are often found in designer homes around the country. To begin with, they are certainly stylish and will make a statement for those who come to visit. They are never too imposing either so are unlikely to overpower your decorating prowess.

Get the Ball Rolling

Bring in some contractors as you plan your upward expansion. They will have a look at the available space and suggest some alternatives right away. Then, once you hand over the installation work to them, you'll be able to focus on fitting out your loft.